Let's break the cycle of poverty, together.

Dignity holds to this belief: That each child is special, and that everyone should have an equal opportunity to access quality education and to be loved and cared for.

We strive to serve underprivileged children, 'the least of these'.

We welcome you on this journey to support more children to receive the gift of education - to empower them to get to school, and to bring those that dropped out of school because they cannot afford to pay school fees or got married off, or stopped to go to work - back to school. 

By giving them education, it will eventually help them break the cycle of poverty, prevent child marriages, reduce crime rates, to name a few.

Our target is to raise RM 500,000 as we currently have 1,700 students and more than 200 on waiting list.

How #dignityschoolbag works?

1. Register to receive a Dignity toolkit and moneybox template: http://tiny.cc/dignityschoolbag

2. Set a target and start approaching your friends, family, colleauges for donations

3. Transfer the total funds raised to Dignity (online bank transfer) and email the transfer slip to Dignity


Speak with us if you would like to involve your company/ school/ group!

dignity@dignityforchildren.org / +603 4044 1397